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As a general response to some sorting questions recently, here's the time reference table for various sorts:

Sort Worst Case Average Case
Selection Sort N2 N2
Bubble Sort N2 N2
Insertion Sort N2 N2
Mergesort N*Log2N N*Log2N
Quicksort N2 N*Log2N
Radix Sort N N
Tree Sort N2 N*Log2N
Heap Sort N*Log2N N*Log2N

Radix Sort Example from Wolf Book

#!/usr/bin/perl sub radix_sort { my $array = shift; my $from = $array; my $to; # All lengths expected equal. for ( my $i = length $array->[ 0 ] - 1; $i >= 0; $i-- ) { # A new sorting bin. $to = [ ]; foreach my $card ( @$from ) { # Stability is essential, so we use push(). push @{ $to->[ ord( substr $card, $i ) ] }, $card; } # Concatenate the bins. $from = [ map { @{ $_ || [ ] } } @$to ]; } # Now copy the elements back into the original array. @$array = @$from; } @array = qw(flow loop pool Wolf root sort tour); radix_sort(\@array); print "@array\n";

Commify Number, and set to 2 decimal places (Perl Cook + formatting)

Here's an explanation in perlfaq5.
sub commify { local $_ = shift; $_= sprintf("%.2f",$_); 1 while s/^([-+]?\d+)(\d{3})/$1,$2/; return $_; }
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