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One of the basic tenets of Bhuddism, is that "conciousness is an intrinsic part of the cosmos". On a level we don't understand, I believe conciousness can control how our genes function.....turning things on/off as needed.

Trying to refrain from all the jokes about ....conciousness our 'jeans' function....turning things on/off -from back in high school...

I'd propose that when the Creator made "All the beasts of the field", then this would suggest that the chicken was created first, & the egg is meerly the means but which they can sustain the species.

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by zentara (Archbishop) on May 05, 2008 at 12:48 UTC
    the Creator made "All the beasts of the field",

    Well I tend toward the blend of creationism and evolution,.... the hidden hand of God. I had a thought last night about this...... thinking "conciousness (the underlying conciousness of the universe, i.e. God, life-force) always try to take form in the material world". Conciousness wants form. So somewhere way down on the sub-atomic level, forces are at work everywhere, to allow DNA to form, by manipulating the tendencies of molecular bonding. Once the DNA exists, it acts as an trigger, and will generate macro-life forms. Chickens and eggs are a great addition to the eco-system, especially in a low tech survival situation. We may be the manifestations in the material world, of God's dream.

    This brings up the next question.... what happens when the created forms, take on their own individual conciousness...the ego. Is this the root of evil? The separation from God-conciousness. Have you ever seen an evil chicken? :-)

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