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The easiest way if you installed it in package format would be to do:
pkginfo | grep perl (output should look similar to :)
pkgrm yadda/yadda/yadda/perl
This will wipe out the old and then go to the sun website and download the perl package
then try
pkgadd -d ./perlPackageName
Hope that helps:-)

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Re: Re: Clean Install 5.6
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 28, 2001 at 06:07 UTC
    No, its not in a package format... It is compiled with gcc 2.8.1 ... I need to compile it either with 2.8.1 (if it works) or gcc 2.95.2 in parallel to work with both perl versions.. Later on, if there is no any problem with new version, I can remove the old perl version... Thanks in advance
      I haven't done it, but allegedly, you can compile it in a different directory. My perl on my box is in /usr/local/bin/perl. Perhaps you want to compile yours to either somewhere in /usr/local and then adjust your scripts. I have glanced thru several books and not seen anything regarding this, however we just installed a new mail server that bundled an older version of perl in it. They placed it in the home directory for the mail account i.e. /opt/users/mail/bin/perl. HTH
        I tried to build perl in separate dir, everything goes smooth it displays msgs like sh Configure - ok, make - everything is uptodate, "make test" to run test suite, make test - All tests successful, make install - Installation complete. Then, when tried to run perl program, it says "solaris patch required to load this module for this version of Java runtime". I checked the required patches by Java which are already installed.
        Now I tried to complie it on the same box but in different dir. Earlier I was getting an error "You must install a Solaris patch to run this version of the Java Runtime". I got some info for this error in README in jpl dir, I followed the instructions, But now I am getting an error, when I am trying to compile JPL & JNI modules manualy. The error says (while "make test" in JNI dir) "make: *** test_dynamic Error 134". What is this error 134 means ? Is there any clue ? Thanks in advance
Re: Re: Clean Install 5.6
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 02, 2001 at 21:46 UTC
    I tried to compile Perl 5.6 other than default dir, which was successful. there is no errors shown whil compilation. All tests were performed successfully. When tried to test perl by executing in /jpl/JNI it display some err like "compilation failed (related to some JNI module)". Then I tried to compile manually in JPL & JNI dir as instructed in "README" file in jpl. Then err mesg was changed "Install Solaris patch to run this module for this version of Java Runtime". I checked for solaris patches which were reqd by JDK 1.1.6 which are already installed. I am not getting what is wrong ? what went wrong, but unable to execute perl program ? Can you have any idea? can you help me any way ? Thanks