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I'm completely in sync with you on this:

I really enjoy developing in Perl -- the language is fun and the CPAN library is terrific, but the real crown jewel is the community -- that's priceless

However, GUIs are important, and Perl is not good at that. The only GUI library Perl really has good bindings with, and comes preinstalled with most distributions is Tk. But Tk is very limited, especially in the "looks & feel" department. I wish I could use Perl for everything I do, but unfortunately I can't. My "losing momentum" claim is that thinks are unlikely to improve from now on, because the focus of most enthusiastic language tweakers is not on Perl any more.

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Re^3: Perl losing momentum ?
by alexm (Chaplain) on Feb 01, 2008 at 16:40 UTC
    Nowadays, Web UI is far more important than GUI in most cases, and Perl has probably the richest toolset available for Web.
Re^3: Perl losing momentum ?
by zebedee (Pilgrim) on Feb 02, 2008 at 20:19 UTC
    Maybe Tcl/Tk 8.5 will help? I know nothing about how/if it will get integrated with Perl, though, so might be a complete red herring.

    From that page:

    Highlights of Tk 8.5 * New modern theming engine: New and complementary widgets that make use of platform-specific theming on Mac OS X and Windows to better fit in with those environments, and feature an improved look and feel under X11. (screenshots) * New widgets: Part of the themed widget set, Tk now has core notebook, combobox, treeview and progressbar widgets. * text widget: Smooth scrolling, widget peering, and improved procedures for counting and replacing text. * Font rendering: Now uses anti-aliased text under X11, and a more modern text engine (ATSUI) on Mac OS X. * Additional improvements: Window transparency, new fullscreen option for windows, enhancements to specific widgets and window layout, and more.