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Using LWP::UserAgent, when I look at the content of a page that has lots of Ajaxy stuff, I see the Javascript, but not the results of the Javascript.

In some cases, I need to see the final page, after all the Javascript has altered the page. Is there a way to get this from the U.A.?

For the present, I have switched over to using IE as driven by Win32::OLE, but if it is possible to do in LWP, or some other more Perlish way, I would rather do that.

Also (in a somewhat related question) I have searched CPAN for 'Greasemonkey' related scripts, but find nothing. Is anyone doing anything that simulates Greasemonkey for LWP scripts?

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Re: LWP and Javascript
by Joost (Canon) on Mar 29, 2007 at 22:28 UTC

      Thanks. This all looks like the kind of things I need to add to a general toolbox for making webpages jump through hoops, mostly for automating testing, and computer aided manual testing. The specific task I wanted to solve is counting sponsored links (ads) on a web page. I cannot see them in LWP, only the Ajax that goes and gets them.

      For some reason, I have not even tried the mechanize modules. I guess I thought I was getting more control from LWP. I just heard about Selenium last week for the first time, so I will take a look at that too.

      In regard to your note about LWP, that confirms the sense I had about it. So I know now not to bark up that tree anymore.

        WWW::Mechanize is a subclass of LWP::UserAgent, so more or less anything you can do with LWP::UA you can do with WWW::Mechanize. Mechanize is just easier to use when automating click-trails (start at link such-and-such, click link named "bla bla", fill in form field "thingy", submit - etc)

        The *::Mechanize::* modules linked in my post above mimic and extend WWW::Mechanize's behaviour but are probably not 100% API compatible - YMMV.