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You are reading the RSS definition incorrectly. guid is a globally unique identifier (glossary). Images in an rss feed are stored in an <image> element, which is a peer to the <item> element. See, for example Yahoo news' RSS feed (xml document).

An example from the docs:

use XML::RSS; my $rss = new XML::RSS (version => '2.0'); $rss->channel(title => '', link => '', description => 'the one-stop-shop for all your software n +eeds', ); $rss->image(title => '', url => '', link => '', width => 88, height => 31, description => 'This is the Freshmeat image stupid' ); $rss->add_item(title => "GTKeyboard 0.85", # creates a guid field with permaLink=true permaLink => " +html", # alternately creates a guid field with permaLink=false # guid => "gtkeyboard-0.85 enclosure => { url=>$url, type=>"application/x-bittorrent" } +, description => 'blah blah' );

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Re^2: Make rss feed
by rustyjuggler (Initiate) on Oct 12, 2006 at 12:38 UTC

    Sorry for the bad question. I wanted to have a picture in every item, but I figured it out.

    If you add something like this to the description it works:
    &lt;img src=" (image link) " border="0" /&gt;
    So I see I misunderstood where the link that actually insert the pictures in the items where on the feed I looked at.

    Thanks for the help
    Anders, Norway