in reply to TIMTOWTDI -- so long as it's not my way

Okay .... I have just been staring at the following for over an hour ...
Being totally amazed by the fact that it returned an Odd number of elements
in hash assignment
Okay ... stuff like that happens ... stuff like that happens
a lot ;-) but the frustrating part is that, I made the same mistake a week ago as
well and then it took me the whole morning .. hmmm ... I think I'm going to have
another cup of coffee ;-)

sub MySub { my (%Information,@Errors); # blah blah push @Errors,"an Error occured\n" if $whatever; return(\%Information,\@Errors); } my ($InformationRef,$ErrorsRef)=MySub; my (%Information,@Errors)=(%{$InformationRef},@{$ErrorsRef}); # !!!