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Call me a geek, but I want a Perlmonks Visa card.

Perhaps either a kickback goes into the monastery (prolly impractical), or you get some sort of discount on books, PM merchandise, whatever. Actually, I don't even care if it's just a regular old Visa card, I want a PM logo on it.

Imagine the satisfaction as you slap that card down at your favorite non-virtual bookstore, amazing the sales clerk (a mere mortal) that YOU are a Perl master, and have a Perlmonks Visa to prove it.

Imagine paying the bill at your favorite food establishment, confident that the waiter, management, and other surrounding customers will be in complete awe, because YOU have a Perlmonks Visa card.

Imagine the knowing look from the salesperson at Holland Guns and Ammo as you pay for your stainless Colt .45 1911a (with custom engraved Perlmonks Logo), that he knows that you know vroom (who personally accounted for 17% of the stores income last year), and have a Perlmonks Visa to prove it.

Imagine knowing that you'll get a volume buyers discount at North Side Liquor Center (501 Butternut, Holland, MI, 616-392-9120), not to mention the free samples, because YOU have a Perlmonks Visa (and where vroom accounted for 23% of total sales for fiscal year 2000)

Women will swoon (if you're male), men will trail you like a lost puppy (if you're female), servicemen will salute you, police will escort you, and politicians will bow to you, because YOU have a Perlmonks Visa...


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Re^2: Favorite PM merchandise item
by chacham (Prior) on Sep 09, 2014 at 12:40 UTC

    You are a geek! But I also want a Perlmonks Visa card.

    The idea of identifying with the tech community in general on something as common as my credit card would indeed have the awesomeness factor that you speak of. And a perl card would be aleph-0 times greater than a Microsoft card.