in reply to Worst Nodes and Making Lemonade

Let's face it, there is some real garbage in Worst Nodes. Even neglecting the reaped nodes, there is rarely much of value to be found there. More often than not you will find stupidity, anger, selfishness, arrogance and a pile of homework questions. It has been discussed before here if we should even chuck the whole thing.

You know, in some sick, twisted way, I kinda like the Worst Nodes. It reminds me of my days doing government contracting in DC.

I think you may be missing the value of a bad example. All through my life I've seen individuals do or say something idiotic and thought "Hm. Rich, let's make sure we don't do that." Surely I'm not the only one, and Worst Nodes can be very instructive in that regard.

And to be honest, I don't regard it as a recycling center so much as a compost heap. I might mine it for counterexamples (as in "I think you might be falling into this trap") and the occaisional nugget, but by and large, I ignore it, which is what should be done with things that are useless.

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