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*Clapping* Great job robartes, I don't think I could have made a story that good even if I had a full nights sleep under my belt.

Anyway, I would like to point out another mnemonic.... The Geometor's method of programm I/O in perl!

It happens, that I am taking Geometry this year (8th grade) and your awesome drawing reminded me of something other than a toothpick or the I/O precedure.

It remind me of....*DUM*DUM*DUM*! Angles! Yes, Angles, those pretty little things that make up a HUGE part of Geometry.

these little, big, and medium (right) guys popped into my small head when I saw your drawing. As we all know a straight line that has a line coming out of it is a linear pair

These linear pairs = 180 degrees. When you look at the I/O precedure, you see that if you were to place the ground (as shown in your original drawing) into the picture you would see the linear pair. The I/O example has a left angle that is obtuse that I would guess to be 115 degrees and the right is an acute angle of I would say about 65 degrees.

In contrast, if you took the opposite, I\O you would also recieve the opposite in the angle's values. The left side would be 65 degree acute angle and the right, a 115 degree obtuse angle.

This is my perspective of your concept Robartes. :-) I hope you find it interesting and worth the reading. I hope this may also help all those people who get / and \ confused. I wish you luck!