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Using Data::Dump to dump all the headers in your example you can see what keys to look for:
use HTML::HeadParser; use HTTP::Headers; use Data::Dump 'dump'; my $h = HTTP::Headers->new; my $p = HTML::HeadParser->new($h); $p->parse(<<EOT); # your header here! EOT print dump($p->header), "\n"; __END__ bless({ title => "Mysite Title", "x-meta-description" => "Homepage", "x-meta-distribution" => "all", "x-meta-keywords" => "word1,word2, word3", "x-meta-poc" => "Mike Smith 111-111-1111", "x-meta-postdate" => "20011220 ", "x-meta-resource-type" => "document", "x-meta-title" => "Department C ", "x-meta-url" => "", }, "HTTP::Headers")
All the keys start with 'x-meta' which is why nothing was printing for you. Checking the documentation for HTML::HeadParser I found:
All <meta> elements will initialize headers with the prefix ``X-Meta-'' on the name. If the <meta> element contains a http-equiv attribute, then it will be honored as the header name.
You can find the docs by running perldoc HTML::HeadParser

Hope this helps...