Hi monks,

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine.
"Manfred" is my ex-boss, who's leaving my company (INFONOVA) to teach students at a "FH" (Fachhochschule, smth. nearly similar to a university) 'cause his wife thought he spent to less time with his family, his kids. We use to play Conterstrike once and then, so the last loop.

Comments welcome.

our $Manfred;
local $guru;
system unix, certainly;

listen to, wife;
seek new, job, now;
split INFONOVA, Manfred;
select FH;
study Books;
tell students;

foreach($wednesday,$sunday) {
join $server,CS if time;
kill enemy if you->can(kill enemy);

send best_whishes, to, you;

that's it. Whole thingy parses without "-w" in perl 5.6.0. It's a simple one, but hey, my first one too. :o)


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Re: leaving friend
by zeno (Friar) on Sep 06, 2002 at 18:56 UTC

    I really liked this. It actually 1) reads just fine in English and 2) Runs in Perl. That's a lot more than can be said for many of the entries that land here in Poetry. Reminds me of an old ex-boss who left my company and left a big hole in the coffee klatch.

    Too bad you didn't sign in: want to remain anonymous, Anonymous Monk?

      > 2) Runs in Perl

      Uhm, thought that's one of the main points with _perl_ poetry? :o)

      > Too bad you didn't sign in: want to remain anonymous, Anonymous Monk?

      Ah, well, no. I just didn't even think of subscribing when I posted this, so it went out anonymously. I got myself a username next day, when i had more time, and some hours of sleep too.


        You're right. Perl Poetry should be two things, IMHO: 1) Perl and 2) Poetry. Unfortunately, too often the submissions that come here, although very good, only meet one of these conditions.

        I write a bit of poetry myself, and I think I'm a reasonably good Perl programmer (this point is debatable-- there's so much more I could learn!) But my attempts at writing a poem that scans both in English and in Perl have always left me unsatisfied. I'm amazed that anyone actually can get it right.

        You did. That's why you got my (and a lot of other people's) ++. Hope you do another. Take care, hope you and your friend stay in touch.