in reply to Ogden Nash, 1902-1971

I think I'd change the second one from @ISA = qw(dandy); to something like  push (@attributes, 'dandy'); to avoid equivocating on the meaning of 'is', which can mean the category in which a being properly resides, as in The Cow, or equality (i.e., "A horse is a horse"), or an assignment of a property to an object, as in Ice-Breaking.

My first Perl poem, actually, my first poem at all since eighth grade, but here goes:

Reflection on Caution
by Ogden Nash

Affection is a noble quality;
It leads to generosity and jollity.
But it also leads to breach of promise
If you go around lavishing it on red-hot momise

$affection = 'noble' and do { $generosity++; $jollity++ }; warn --$promise if push @red_hot_momise, $affection;