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First, thanks to all who have replied to this request

I think I have figured out how I am going to implement my system. The logon accounts preset certain netscape parameters, and I checked it out today. In the preferences section there is an option to use your email address as a password for anonyomous (gosh I can't spell!) FTP, I think I can get that information by making the request (not sure about this..didn't have time to research it) and verifying that their logon is in the list provided by the administrator of the tool. I can also take this information and set it to a variable to sign any entries they make and I think it will work. I tried changing my settings today and as soon as I rebooted it reset to the defaults, so a user would really have to be deliberatly deviant to trick the system. I really have little concern for security on this intranet and my users already have a chitload of passwords to remember..each one has at least 7 or 8 so I don't want to force any more.

Any thoughts on this idea would be greatly appreciated!

TexasTess :-)