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Re: Re: mothra vs. Perl: Looking at the Past
by jeffenstein (Friar) on Apr 05, 2002 at 17:55 UTC

    I've merely been learning more about another language (Python, you may have noticed), and found some things I think I may like better, and wanted to see the contrary to this viewpoint (as might think these are better, but they aren't, because look at what Perl can do, etc.).

    But... But... But... You're asking us to form your opinion on perl.

    Python is just different. Better than perl at some tasks, worse than perl at other tasks, but mostly just a bit different, with different goals.

    If you like python, go code in python for a while, and come back with a good contrast on what you can really do better/easier in python, and what is really harder in python (vs. perl, of course). That would be something worth discussing.