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Wow.. it took me a bit to decipher what you are trying to do. I can say pretty much off the bat that you are going to want to do some overhauling on how you're thinking this snippet through. You're trying to replace a character with something new (in this case you're adding an escaped character).. how do we perl-ites usually do that? uh-huh.. you guessed it s/// (or tr///, but that's not as appropriate here). You'll prolly want to throw the entire string at your sub and return it's modified form.. something like
$string = adjust_case('s', "stuff\n"); print $string; # which would print Stuff with a newline

Prolly not exactly what you're lookin for, but hopefully will allow you to see your objective a little differently.


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Re: Re: case escape characters
by vladb (Vicar) on Mar 02, 2002 at 04:18 UTC
    Thanks for help ;-)

    I've actually made it work by taking a slightly different approach. The rewrote the to_case() sub to return a reference to appropriate case subroutine (lc(), or uc() ...)
    use strict; sub to_case { my ($char) = @_; if ($char eq "\U$char") { return sub {uc(shift)}; } else { return sub {lc(shift)}; } } print to_case("FOO")->("bAr") ."\n"; print to_case("foo")->("BaR") ."\n";
    Here's the output produced by the script:
    BAR bar
    Sometimes, asking questions helps to come come up with an answer (eventually ;-). I'd appreciate it if you could show me another approach to solving my 'problem'. I'm not sure if returning sub references is a good thing?

    Of course, I realize that my 'solution' presented here is way worse than what you've suggested since I might as well just pass that string which I want to modify (it's case) to the sub and simply return it's modified version in the end. However, in my script I might need to format a number of separate strings to matching case, and most of those strings may not be 'known' at the time i first invoke the to_case() sub (say, i may call it once and store sub reference for later use...).

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