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I am a Perl Hacker.

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I am xtype.
Software Engineer (Perl, C, PHP, SQL) and all around good guy.
I Like:
Fine Italian Automobiles, back country snowboarding, playing chess, the Perl DBI, Linux, HP-UX, Perl (of course), and not to forget my svelte brown-lithe-girl (aka Fine Italian Woman).

Favorite Modules: Favorite Nodes:
Less "freezing rain" here this year than in past years.
What's happening to my $1?
"You are trying to use $1 after a failing match, so basically you deserve whatever's coming to you" - blokhead
" is unsafe to use $1 after a failed match, and it is up to you to exercise your caution." -pg
More often than not I have /chatteroff. But you can /msg me:
<textarea name="message" wrap="virtual" cols="50" rows="6">/msg xtype </textarea>
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