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Mine's pretty easy. 'Brent' is my RL first name, and 'Dax' is the name of my favorite Star Trek character. I picked it up after warnings from my parents (I started using Prodigy sometime in elementary school) that there were Scary Bad Men on the 'Net, and that I should be careful and not use my real name anywhere. It also has the added bonus of sounding like a real name. (I've actually had mail and packages and stuff sent to me addressed 'Brent Dax'--I use the name almost religiously. Of course, I've also had stuff addressed 'Don Hessel' sent to me--I have no idea how that name got associated with my address.) Somewhat unfortunately I've started using it in serious programming efforts at a time where I'm getting close to job-getting age and would probably find a bit of...prestige isn't the right word, but is the right idea...useful, so I'm considering dropping the nick on p5p and p6*.

--Brent Dax
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