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how is perl compared to ruby? i'm curious to know...

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Re: perl vs ruby
by lemming (Priest) on Oct 28, 2001 at 12:10 UTC
      There's also this article recently featured on

      Update: It seems my cut and paste skills are substandard. The link should now work thanks to stefp

        I was pretty surprised to find the Ruby article article featured at, but thinking again it isn't such a surprise: O'Reilly has to sell its Ruby in a Nutshell, and outside of Japan Perl programmers are probably the main audience for such a book.

        Unfortunately the O'Reilly article missed one of the most important sources for Ruby beginners:
        There is allready the Programming Ruby book published by Pragmatic Programmers. You can read the whole book in html here.
        So just download Ruby and/or read the free book to get a feeling about Perls little brother.