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So I'm trying to run the geoip command from a script. Here's the code:

my @output = qx(geoip -s; print Dumper(\@output); print $output[5]; #Country : US United States

The qx command seems to do what I'm trying to accomplish. Am I doing it correctly? I'm getting the information I need, which is the country info.

Someone posted the code below the other day. I didn't get it to work:

use JSON::PP qw/decode_json/; use IPC::Run3::Shell::CLIWrapper; my $geoip = IPC::Run3::Shell::CLIWrapper->new( { fail_on_stderr=>1, st +dout_filter => sub {$_=decode_json($_)} }, qw/ geoip --json --DB=dbi: +SQLite:dbname=geoip / ); my $data = $geoip->('');