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I made three files "geoip.rc", ".geoiprc" and "geoip" all containing the same two lines of licence ID and license key in the format prescribed and uploaded respectively to:

/home/user/geoip.rc /home/user/.geoiprc /home/me/.config/geoip

I'm still getting the same thing. I see geoip.db created in the "/home/user/dat" directory where I ran the geoip command. Do I have to run the geoip command at "/home/user"?

I'm not a paid user of Maxmind - signed up as a free user. Is that why my license key is not recognised?

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Re^17: Help with Geo::IP output
by marto (Cardinal) on Jun 25, 2020 at 07:48 UTC
      Old versions of our GeoIP Update program use a different license key +format. Will this key be used for GeoIP Update? Yes No 1) Generate a license key and config file for use with geopipupdate ve +rsion 3.1.1 or newer. 2) Generate a license key and config file for use with geoipupdate ver +sions older than 3.1.1. This key will be stored in an unhashed format.

      The license key I generated earlier was based on my selecting No. Now I tried selecting Yes and I have to choose one of the two options (option 1 or 2). Which one should I choose? Could that (selecting No earlier) be the reason?

      Saw that and made the correction and thought it would work right after, but still getting the same thing.