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In the process of setting up a new development environment for myself and ran into a minor snag.

Part of my setup includes Dist::Zilla and a slew of plugins for it. I got to the Subversion plugin which failed complaining there was no SVN::Client on the system. I searched CPAN from the CPAN shell and noticed:

Module < SVN::Client (N/A)
So... where'd it go and what replaces it? Will Dist::Zilla like the replacement?

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Re: Wither SVN::Client?
by dasgar (Priest) on Sep 22, 2014 at 18:14 UTC

    From the CPAN web site, it looks like the module is there and was last updated June 12, 2014. But it also looks like it is part of the Alien::SVN module. I believe that if you install Alien::SVN, you would then get SVN::Client.