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I don't think that it would be very difficult. I would consider it a theming issue, but while I think that it's a cool idea, I'm not sure that it should be done, merely because nobody would know what the heck their rank is in relation to all the other systems. We could have monks, buddhas, witches, agnostics, athiests, martians, and druids all running around the site, nobody knowing what their equivalent roles are without cross referencing it on a table. After a while, some group would say that we're discriminating because nobody thought to include their religion! All of the sudden we're not offering ranks to people who pray to tiki gods and we have a problem (just an example folks)!

One possible solution would be to automatically replace any occurence of a certain word themably, it's kind of a perl problem right there (IE, one that could be solved with perl), but then people who write nodes on St Jude all of the sudden have it replaced with Buddha Jude, and nobody knows who the hell Buddha Jude is, and we all get a big laugh out of it, but then we sit on a bug.

Eh, I dunno, give it a shot.

Personally speaking, I kind of enjoy a uniformity, but that's just a personal point of view. I mean, it's not like we're a real monastery for a real religion. It's just like Boy Scouts has Tenderfoot, 1st Class, and so on... If they changed their patches based on political views, nobody would know what the heck their ranks were.

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