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I'm not sure I can help, but there are at least three things you need to do to give anyone a fighting chance of helping you. First, I can not connect the client to the server is not at all enough of a clue as to the problem that occurs when the scripts are run on your system. You really need to post the actual error messages.

Second, you need to upload your server code again... this segment makes it look like the posted code is corrupt:

close(STDOUT); }I continue my research on secured with SSL chats. using the example + included in Net :: Server I managed to create a chat secured with a +key and a certificate $mux->set_timeout($fh, undef);

I guessed that just commenting out the section beginning with "I continue..." might be sufficient, but apparently that isn't the case; the server fails immediately after starting because there is a conflict in the call to ChatServer->run over the use of port 42000. It looks like the server is binding the same port a second time.

Third, you should post the test data that is in /home/swilting/perltest/private/localhost.key and /home/swilting/perltest/certs/localhost.cert; it is possible that differences in the test data could cause other people trying to help you to get sidetracked by errors that you don't have. Or, equally, by not getting errors that you do have.

And, by the way... double check that the keys are really only test data before posting them. If you test with your public web server's key on your own isolated system it's not an immediate problem, but it would be if you accidentally published the private key for the world to see.