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The Log::Log4perl POD has a section with ways to improve log4perl performance. It looks to me like you should wrap that log string into a function so it doesn't need to interpolate when logging is off.

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Re^2: log4perl and efficiency
by erwan (Sexton) on Sep 12, 2011 at 17:30 UTC

    Unless I misunderstood, that's what I did. well, not using a function but the "if (condition) { log }" does the same thing, doesn't it?

      That's one approach. I was suggesting:
      $self->{logger}->trace( sub { "total NbObsThis $i=$nbObservedThisNGram +->[$i]; nbObsAll $i=$nbObservedAllNGrams->[$i]; total=$totalObservedA +ll; nbExpected $i=$nbExpectedThis[$i]; chisq = $chiSquare[$i]" } );
      which may be easier to bulk modify in source while maintaining existing log levels. (or not. YMMV.)

        ok, I didn't realize this advantage. thanks for the explanation!