in reply to Problem installing Apache Lucy

First, moritz++ for mentioning the Lucy mailing lists. I don't think any Lucy devs monitor Perlmonks that closely, but we do watch our own lists.

Second, I've been hard at work this past week on Windows compatibility for Lucy, and have fixed a number of issues. I tested Lucy 0.1.0 with MSVC and a custom compiled Perl 5.10.0 prior to release, and it used to be the case that if I could get MSVC working, just about everything else would fall into place. However, it turns out that a significant number of fixes had to go in in order to support both Strawberry Perl and Cygwin. These fixes are nearly done -- Lucy svn trunk builds and tests clean with both Cygwin and ActivePerl/MSVC; Strawberry Perl is a few tweaks away.

Once we have ActivePerl, Strawberry Perl and Cygwin building and testing clean, we expect to move towards an 0.1.1 release. I don't think it's worth your while to tweak out the current release until it builds -- there are just too many patches that have to be applied. However, if you'd like to test SVN trunk in the meantime, or test the 0.1.1 artifacts when we prepare and vote on them, that'd be great!