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Hi, Excuse me for posting to this old threat, but I run in a similar situation where IPC::Run and Log::Log4perl were combined. I must remark that the title is actually misleading because no one has mentioned log4perl in his/her solution. Thus I will:
use IPC::Run qw(run new_chunker); # snip-snap-snip # ... my @cmd = qw(find /usr/bin -type f); run(\@cmd, "1>", new_chunker, \&logSdtout, "2>", new_chunker, \&logSdt +err); sub logSdtout { $logger->info(@_); } sub logSdterr { $logger->error(@_); }
edit: you need to pass the filter "new_chunker" to IPC::Run to break the output from your external program into newlines. Otherwise you will run into strange exceptions (undefined values) causing IPC::Run to fail. Cheers, Daniel