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As others said, I'd rather preferre a simple object to a tie.

In your case it (yet) seems sufficient to bless a scalar ref instead of a hash ref. So you can fetch and store your link with $$ dereferencing.

Of course this doesn't scale well when your object needs more data...

Then lvalue mutators maybe a handy alternative... but to validate the stored links you need again a tie on the data, see Re: A tale about accessors, lvalues and ties

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; $\="\n"; { package LinkClass; sub new { my $scalar="link"; my $self=\$scalar; bless $self; return $self; } sub print {print ${$_[0]}} sub url :lvalue { ${$_[0]} } } my $obj=LinkClass->new(); $obj->print(); $$obj="link2"; $obj->print(); $obj->url="link3"; $obj->print(); __END__ link link2 link3

a completely other approach maybe using a wrapper write(), which calls tied($var)->print_method; like Arunbear suggested.

write() could be automatically imported with your Linkpackage...

Cheers Rolf