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I guess you refer to my report. The version of Module::Build was as you suspect recent:
perl -MModule::Build -e 'print "$Module::Build::VERSION \n";' 0.2808

It was no big deal doing a perl --install_base ~/perl5lib, other than having to resolve a couple of dependencies the same way before succeding. I'd really like to get that .modulebuildrc configured correctly to avoid the hassle.

Now, I'm not sure if I find it a relief or terifying that issues like these even annoys people like Dominus, who are not a just litle bit smarter and more knowlegdable than I am.

It will be interesting to see if the method he describes on his blog works for me. If it does, it can't be to hard to make a nice litle script for it.

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Re^4: Installing modules to a private module directory (cp)
by tye (Sage) on Apr 22, 2008 at 20:20 UTC

    I was going to note that it would be trivial to replace the less-portable "cp -pr" with a tiny Perl script but then I was disappointed when my 20 seconds spent searching for the details of how to do that with "core" Perl modules didn't actually turn up a solution. I jumped to File::Path then quickly realized I meant to look at File::Copy but then I didn't find a "copy directory tree" function in either (but, at only 20 seconds, I certainly could have missed it).

    So this node is my taunt to the community to point out where this functionality already is (hopefully in "core") or to goad somebody into implementing it (hopefully as a patch to a "core" module).

    Although I suspect that there are modules that are not perfectly served by the "cp -pr" approach, such modules are likely the tiny minority (modules that have done the hard work of figuring out how to goad things like ExtUtils::MakeMaker into installing unusual items such as executable scripts or config files or something). Given that even the shiny new features of the new1 Module::Build are still reported to have similar problems to the ones Dominus rightly complains about (insertion of annoying subdirectories) and perhaps worse (only sometimes inserting those subdirectories), this "better solution" seems worth "implementing".

    1 No, the ommission of the "shiny" adjective was not accidental. q-:

    - tye        

      Seems as if (at least current versions of) ExtUtils::Install do that, according to the synopsis:

      use ExtUtils::Install; install({ 'blib/lib' => 'some/install/dir' } );

      seems to be deprecated but basically cp -rp