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Yes there is, just use the output of the script. true for all valid dates from 1900 .. 2100. I use it in all my scripts!
use Regexp::Assemble; use Date::Calc; my $re = Regexp::Assemble->new; for my $y ( 1900 .. 2100 ) { for my $m ( 1 .. 12 ) { for my $d ( 1 .. 31 ) { if ( Date::Calc::check_date( $y, $m, $d ) ) { $re->add( sprintf( "^%4d.%02d\.%02d\$", $y, $m, $d ) ); } } } } print $re;

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Re^2: ultimate date check regexp
by davorg (Chancellor) on Oct 30, 2006 at 09:35 UTC

    It seems a little counterproductive to call Date::Calc::check_date almost 75,000 times in order to create that regular expression. Unless you're planning to process more than 75,000 records then it would be more efficient to just call Date::Calc::check_date once for each date you want to check.


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      Hey, thats more a joke, but Im the only one that does it with a regexp. And I call the script only once and put the resulting regexp into the script. If I need to do it with a regexp.