in reply to RFC: Draft Q & A: How to clear the screen in a perl program

Thanks for the replies. As I expected, I learned a lot more about what I didn't know.

The last comment by AnonyMonk, while harsh, was particularly enlightening. I would respond, though, that some people just starting out, and who have found this oasis of knowledge in our monastery, will do what I did-- super search here on "clear screen" and variations. I know about man, but I believed you had to know what the sometimes cryptic command was Called before you could wrest anything intelligible out of it.

If it's the consensus of the community that this is not needed in our Q&A section, that's cool. Someone can still seach as I did and now find this little discussion. So my aim has been achived. But my thought was, when I wrote this up, that something this simple and basic, should be available somewhere in our tutorials or Q&A. I can't be the only one coming to Perl with limited Unix background who wanted to know how to do this.

Thanks again to all who commented.


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