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I noticed that the ipk was out, and then noticed the complaint that the bruser would take up all of /tmp and flake out. So, we'd need to net-mount /tmp (or /var/tmp in this case) to an NFS share, and then ipkg install it.

Of course, unarchiving the ipkg and doing a manual install may help...


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Re: Perl 5.8.0...
by strredwolf (Chaplain) on Jan 20, 2005 at 19:03 UTC
    Okay. Setup:

    One 5500SL, flashed w/OpenZaurus
    One 128 MB SD
    One Linux box that has NFS installed, is connected to said Zaurus, and configured to talk to it.

    Create and export a directory to mount.
    SSH into your Zaurus and mount it. I use /mnt/net.

    Then: ipkg -d sd -t /mnt/net/tmp install Perl_5.8.0_arm.ipk

    The "-t" flag specifies a temporary directory. This means /tmp... errr... /var/tmp doesn't get touched. ...and it doesn't install right. Okay, let's see what this thing is.... ooooo, it's a gzipped tarball (unlike ar archives) and we can pull the files out of the "data.tar.gz" that it has. Inside, there's a ./perl/perl-5.8.0/(bin|lib) set. Eazy. Copy and symlink.