Luke Palmer and Patrick Michaud have announced the initial offering of the official language grammar for Perl 6, ready and waiting to be filled in. The link leads to Luke's announcement giving instructions, and Patrick's first reply gives the location of the newly created Subversion repository, with further instructions.

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Re: Open season on official Perl 6 grammar
by zejames (Hermit) on Dec 21, 2004 at 16:03 UTC

    Dear monks,

    I think that is great, as the more work there is on Perl 6, the sooner we'll be able to have a precise view of what it will be, and the broader audience it will reach.

    However, I've got a basic question for all the compiler and grammar experts out there : how can the Perl 6 grammar be written in Perl 6 ? Is this just a first try, that will be converted to another tool later ? Will it be generated from a cpan Perl6 module ? It seems like it is an hen and egg problem...

    Anyone to enlight the ignorant monks like me ?


      The first-cut grammar engine is written in C to parse a subset of Perl6 rules (some of the advanced features have been left out). This grammar engine will be used to parse the Perl6 grammar and do something useful (like output code for the perl6 compiler (which will, oddly enough, contain a perl6 rules parser :-)).

      how can the Perl 6 grammar be written in Perl 6 ?
      C compilers are written in C, there are Java compilers written in Java, there are Scheme compilers written in Scheme, there are Pascal compilers written in Pascal.

      Why wouldn't it be be written in Perl6?

        That is true, except for the first C, Java or Scheme compiler. And in our case, this is the first Perl6 compiler.