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Corion goes into detail about the rest of this, but as far as the $Buffer variable goes, no. Using the NULL character is C-style thinking. In Perl, if you want something to be NULL, don't put anything there. :-) E.g.:

$Buffer = ''; @Buffer = (); %Buffer = ();

NOTE: A variable that has a NULL value is slightly different from an undefined value:

my $notdef; my $defnull; # like the pun? $defull = ''; if ( defined $notdef ) { # This will never happen. } if ( defined $defnull ) { print "DEFNULL is $defnull.\n"; }

This is why it's often wise to declare and initialize your variables at the same time. You can use a variable with a NULL value - as a hash key, for example - but not an undefined one.