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"But what about the "self-made man"?"

The best way is to start your business.... are you really a self-made man if you get onto the "corporate welfare roles?"

Me? I have learned to love being poor and under-employed.... because I can still proclaim my "innocense". Once you declare yourself a professional, heavy responsibility (karma) seems to come your way. I worry about my soul more than anything the "rat-race" can give me.

I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth. flash japh

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Re^2: Climbing the corporate ladder
by drewbie (Chaplain) on Jun 11, 2004 at 17:11 UTC
    While there are definitely many "corporate welfare roles" out there, they are not the ones I'm looking for and pursuing. The biggest advantage I know of for working for a corporation is that they often have resources I probably would not have as an independent. I'm talking about things such as oracle licenses, "enterprise" apps such as ERP, CRM, etc that require large amounts of cash to purchase.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the coin and IMHO it's unfair to lump all corporate jobs into "welfare". I don't want to be poor & living paycheck-to-paycheck. I have a wife and child that I have to think about, and they need stability. Ever priced a family health insurance plan? Want corporate contributions to your retirement? My point is simply that corporate jobs aren't all bad.