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If you ever heard theDamian explain perl 6, you'd realize instantly why they call him 'The Mad Scientist of Perl'. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing him live, I can REALLY recommend it.

... I'm belgian but I don't play one on TV.
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Re: Re: Perl 6 feature that scares me the most:
by TheDamian (Priest) on May 30, 2003 at 23:28 UTC
    And if you're in the U.S. you'll be able to see me this (northern) summer. The official tour t-shirt has all the details.
      It is generally inappropriate to ask one to reveal one's vote, but assuming you made one, and being who you are, I am very interested in hearing what, of the choices given, scares you the most about Perl6...
        I didn't vote. None of the suggested fear-factors scares me at all (except perhaps for the very real possibility that "theDamian is trying to drive me mad!" ;-)

        About the only thing that does scare me about Perl 6 is the (very slim) chance that we might not get it finished. It's just so much more fun programming in Perl 6, even if it's still mainly in my head. I'd hate to see us ever have to give up on it, and let the naysayers and FUD-mongers win.

        Larry and the rest of us are all still totally committed to the project, of course, but we definitely need the economy to start picking up soon. As Larry mentioned at the end of Apocalypse 6, our day jobs are beginning to interfere with our Real Work. :-(