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i'm not sure how the database for Perl Monks is set up, but i suspect that this is not a simple addition. unless every node stores the id of its top-level parent node (in addition to the id of its immediate parent), then multiple SQL queries would need to be made to traverse the tree of children and get a reply count.

this could be entirely incorrect, but i suspect vroom would have added this feature if it weren't near impossible to do easily in SQL.

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RE: RE: Including number of replies in Newest Nodes
by athomason (Curate) on Jun 09, 2000 at 09:30 UTC
    On the contrary, it's already been done everywhere else on the site. The Monastery Gates shows the number of replies along with each message, as does each individual section. Recursive replies wouldn't need to be counted, only top level. I only suggest adding that functionality to the Newest Nodes page.
      OK. i think it's basically useless to only count top-level replies, since the purpose of showing the count is presumably to be able to compare it with an earlier value and thus notice additions to a thread easier without having to correlate and count the appropriate comments in the Notes/Replies.

      p.s. i need more -- votes on stupid drivel like this.