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First of all thanks a lot for solving my problem.

But I was wondering if there is an expression that would avoid having a two-step solution (i.e. without first assigning a temporary $glob variable).

So is there an expression that when I have a symbol ("hubba" say) I could do a

(or something like that) to determine whether or not there is a sub-routine of that name in the main-package.

But this is for bonus-points only...

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Re^9: accessing stashes
by ikegami (Patriarch) on Mar 01, 2019 at 20:46 UTC

    You can't check if the glob contains a code reference before you make sure you have a glob in the first place!

    But this is all moot. This solution doesn't work as of Perl 5.22. You should be using one of the solutions that work in 5.22 and beyond. See Re^4: accessing stashes

      But it's a good point.

      I did not realize (even though it's kind of logical when you think about it) that first you need to check if the stash exists at all and only then you can examine the code-slot...

      But many thanks.