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I shifted from cygwin to MSYS2 some time ago, although I am increasingly using the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Win10 boxes. That said, I use them in isolation so none of them are in my windows path.

The PerlPowerTools might also be useful, although I have never tried them myself.

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by james28909 (Deacon) on Jun 15, 2019 at 23:17 UTC

    I just tried to install them and cannot get past installation errors of DB_File. It needs BerkeleyDB header files apparently and have not had time to look into getting any of it installed. would be cool, but with WSL/bash incorporated in win10 already, i dont really see a need for it unless some programs work that WSL does not yet support.

    EDIT: got them installed on windows. seems to work for the most part (grep, ls, diff) will need to test them further. I had to force install after trying for hours to install DB::File unsuccessfully. Kept getting undefined reference errors about db_version and db_create and tried to track it down but could not unfortunately.

      I should have been clearer. I only use msys2 etc to access unix utilities like grep, find, sort etc. For perl related work I use Strawberry perl.

      I do have an old win bash at the end of my path for the tar utility when packaging for cpan, but could probably use the msys2 or git paths instead.

        I went through and tested alot of the utilities and the majority of them actually work on windows. those (for me atleast) that require DB_File do not work on windows however. The Perl Power Tools are written in pure Perl so all i had to do was force install then add the output path to my env var. You can also specify a path for them to install to, but the default directory is just fine imho.