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I've had my own domain online 24-7 at for a few years now. Bandwidth is only single channel ISDN, however that would be enough to get people access to start setting up. For something like this I think it'd be worth paying to get cable into the house which may fix bandwidth issues for awhile? I'm hosting my own DNS so that hassle would be out of the way.

Currently it's Mandrake with mysql/apache/mod_perl. But I think we'd probably want to start fresh. I've already have another box to set up a BSD firewall with I just haven't had the time to do it. (Currently just running an IPChains f/w on the server -- stupid but the only thing I could do at the time).

I've also have died for lack of interest). up with tomcat (waiting to integrate JBoss soon.) and have worked out javadoc to customize an API (have figured out how to set up download from the api but am not using it due to current bandwidth constraints.)

I'd be very willing to open up access to folks from Perl monks to do an old fashioned barn raising. The project fits in line with my current setup and professional direction, and I'm already comfortable with hosting from my bedroom. (Talk about High availability sysadmin :)

The only real issue(s) would be how quickly we would need to grow bandwidth and my ability to accomplish that as well as being more responsible with my backup schedule.

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by Chrisf (Friar) on Aug 02, 2001 at 23:54 UTC
    Hey guys,

    So I figure since vroom is being so nice and helping us out we should do a little tribute to him and call the new site "javamonks" (damn, I sure am original aren't I) .

    I contacted the owner of and he is very interested in developing this and has said that he will donate the name to the project (he of course wants to be involved in it as well). So what we need now is a list of everyone who is Seriously interested in this and willing to contribute a substantial amount of time to it.

    - Chris Fairbairn
      It is going to be called JavaJunkies. I know the Monk name is awesome, but I've already registered the domain name and I'm getting pretty close to have the DNS servers set up. We will obviously want to have ties to the monk community and there may be a way to utilize the javamonks.sites. We'll be able to discuss that in the future.

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