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The above function doesn't look correct or useful. I wrote one to convert Storable 2.30 32-bit x86 data to 64-bit architecture. It seemed to work correctly for my data but was not thoroughly tested. Hope someone finds it useful. You should be able to tweak it as needed for other systems.

# Convert Linux (little-endian) 32-bit Storable format to 64-bit. # Doesn't yet handle a few Storable types. # Tweak xxx lines for your architectures. # # Greg Ubben, 18 June 2012 # sub fix_frozen { local $data = shift; local $pos = 15; # xxx length of new header below local $lev = 0; # version, byte order, sizes (int, long, ptr, double) $data =~ s{^\x04\x07\x041234\x04\x04\x04\x08} # xxx {\x04\x08\x0812345678\x04\x08\x08\x08} # xxx or die "not a 32-bit x86 Storable"; object(); die "length error" if $pos != length( $data ); return $data; } sub object { local $_ = chr( 64 + byte() ); local $lev = $lev + 1; #printf "%8d %*s\n", $pos, $lev * 2, $_; # DEBUG return if /E|N|O|P/; return $pos += 1 if /H/; return $pos += 4 if /@|I/; return $pos += byte() if /J|W/; return $pos += len() if /A|X/; return object() if /D|T|K|L|M/; return object( $pos += vnum()) if /Q/; return object( vnum() ) if /R/; return fix_integer() if /F/; return fix_double() if /G/; if (/B|C|Y/) { # array or hash my $n = len(); $pos++ if /Y/; while ($n--) { object(); $pos++ if /Y/; $pos += len() if not /B/; } return; } die sprintf "Type %d unknown at pos %d\n", ord()-64, $pos-1; } sub byte { return ord( substr( $data, $pos++, 1 )); } sub len { my $len = unpack 'L', substr( $data, $pos, 4 ); # xxx 'V' or 'N' + ? $pos += 4; return $len; } sub vnum { my $n = byte(); return ($n < 128 ? $n : len()); } sub fix_integer { # xxx my $n = unpack 'l', substr( $data, $pos, 4 ); # was 32-bit substr( $data, $pos, 4 ) = pack 'q', $n; # now 64-bit $pos += 8; } sub fix_double { # xxx $pos += 8; # assume same floating-point format }

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