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I just went and looked at Dice::Dice. It _might_ do what I want it to, but:

1: I want to be able to parse a string and return the appropriate roll. This is the main thrust of the module in question. Dice::Dice has some ability to do this - however, there are situations (particularly in games like Warhammer) where large bucketfuls of dice are needed. Dice::Dice might well not be efficient here, as I don't want persistent objects - only answers.
2: Dice::Dice, by your own admission, requires a re-write because of the use of deprecated features - unless the re-write has already taken place and I missed the note that says so.
3: I don't _want_ well-behaved object dice. I want a function which takes appropriate input and brings back a number, by munging the input and totting up a bunch of rand() calls. Perhaps I need to clarify what I expect my own module to do.

Desirable calls:

stringdice() - a function to take a string like '3d4 + 2d6 +4d8 +9' and return a properly-distributed random number in the appropriate range.
listdice() - a function to take a couplet ($x, $y) and return the individual values of xdy as a list.
bestdice() - bestdice($x, $y, $z) returns the best $z values of listdice($x, $y).
topdice() - topdice($x, $y, $z) returns the values of listdice($x, $y) exceeding or equalling $z. (For World of Darkness, for example).

Looking at the documentation for Dice::Dice, it could probably be persuaded to do the above, but I'm not sure if it's the best way to proceed.

All this is not intended to suggest Dice::Dice is at all bad - far from it - but TMTOWTDI. Also, I'm interested in being able to develop this stuff myself, and Dice were not a feature of the implementation which screamed to be OO.


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