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Look carefully at the first line. Now try to figure out how this JAPH is encoded; when you do you'll be scared : ) And for those who can't find out, just click the readmore tag.
die unless print keys %j and open uc sqrt hex chr lstat; @_[0..100]=grep{!/[qyixd;%]/}split//,~~<0>;$\=$/;print substr join( $&,map{$$_[$[]}sort{z($$a[1])<=>z($$b[1])}map{[$_[$_],$_]}0..46),23; sub z {@h[18,28,6,12,13,20,3,23,33,35,0,10,1,9,5,32,4,8,39,45,29,14,15 +,40]= (1+\\///\\\//..$=);$h[pop];}

The 15 year old, freshman programmer,
Stephen Rawls

Well, the first line opens the script, but it also does something else. Look at each of the functions on the first line. Notice that they have the individual characters of "just another perl hacker" spread among them. This is how I generate the JAPH. So the thing that will blow you away is that the very line used to open the encoded message is infact the encoded message. It took me a many searches of man perlfunc to find functions with the right letters.

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