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hi all, I am trying to write a simple perl http server to polish my perl skills.
Below is my code, the first time I access to localhost:8090, it can display the page. However, when I refresh the page, nothing produces in the browser, what is the problem of my code?
use feature ':5.10'; use IO::Socket; use Carp; #use URI::Escape; use Readonly; $|++; Readonly::Scalar my $port => '8090'; my $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new( Listen => 5, LocalAddr => 'localhost', LocalPort => $port, Reuse => 1, Proto => 'tcp', ) or croak "Can not bind port: $!"; my $quit = 0; print "Server started at $port\n"; while (!$quit) { local $SIG{PIPE} = 'IGNORE'; while (my $session = $socket->accept) { my $chunk = ''; my $n = 0; my @headers; my ($method, $uri, $protocol); while (sysread($session, my $buffer, 1)) { last if $buffer eq "\n"; $chunk .= $buffer; } $_ = $chunk; m/^(\w+)\s+(\S+)(?:\s+(\S+))?\r?$/; $method = $1 || ''; $uri = $2 || ''; $protocol = $3 || ''; my $bad_request_doc = join "", <DATA>; return unless $method =~ /^(?:POST|GET|DELETE|PUT|HEAD)$/; $chunk = ''; while (sysread($session, my $buffer, 1)) { if ($buffer eq "\n") { $chunk =~ s/[\r\l\n\s]+$//; if ($chunk =~ /^([^()<>\@,;:\\"\/\[\]?={} \t]+):\s*(.* +)/i) { push @headers, $1 => $2; } last if ($chunk =~ /^$/); $chunk = ''; } else { $chunk .= $buffer; } } print $session "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n"; print $session "Content-Type: text/html\r\nContent-Length: ", length($bad_request_doc), "\r\n\r\n", $bad_request_doc,"\n"; close $session; } } __DATA__ <html> <head> <title>Bad Request</title> </head> <body> <h1>Bad Request</h1> <p>Your browser sent a request which this web server could not grok.</p> </body> </html>

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