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Just helping you troubleshoot, but your script dosn't play on my linux box with the latest kernel and alsa. So I'm not sure, but there are 2 possible errors I see.

1. Try this script, it uses play_music instead of play_channel, and puts a loop at the end to keep the script from exiting prematurely.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use SDL; use SDL::Mixer; use SDL::Music; my $mixer = SDL::Mixer->new( -frequency => MIX_DEFAULT_FREQUENCY, # 22050 -format => MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, # AUDIO_S16 -channels => MIX_DEFAULT_CHANNELS, # 8 -size => 1024 #higher numbers give sloppy reponse #as buffers continue to empty ); # provides 8 channels of # 16 bit audio at 22050 Hz. and a single channel of music. #background can be mp3,ogg or wav (mp3 needs smpeg libs) my $mp3 = new SDL::Music('1bb.mp3'); $mixer->music_volume(MIX_MAX_VOLUME); #128 $mixer->play_music( $mp3, 100 ); my $done = 0; while (! $done && ( SDL::GetAudioStatus() == SDL_AUDIO_PLAYING())) {SDL::Delay(1); }

2. Look for /dev/sequencer in /dev. On my alsa setup there is a link to /dev/sound/sequencer, which is what alsa sets up. Maybe you are missing the link?

See Tk Game Sound demo

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