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The JavaScript code you are sending (as seen by using print $response) is:

$('override_...').innerHTML="<a href='#' onClick='javascript:makeForm( +"...", "...", "...");'>...</a>';

but it should be

$('override_...').innerHTML="<a href='#' onClick='javascript:makeForm( +\"...\", \"...\", \"...\");'>...</a>";

The first double-quote is wrongly closed with a single quote, and you have unescaped double-quotes.

Other potential problems:

  • Is $('override_123') valid JavaScript? I've never seen that syntax before, but I have little JavaScript experience.
  • Are $componentId, $componentType and $newTitle properly escaped to be used in a JavaScript double-quoted string? (\ => \\, " => \")
  • Are $componentId, $componentType and $newTitle properly escaped to be used in an HTML single-quoted value? (& => &amp;, ' => &#39;)
  • Is $newTitle properly escaped to be used in HTML? (& => &amp;, < => &lt;)

Update: The following addresses quoting issues:

use strict; use warnings; use HTML::Entities qw( encode_entities ); sub js_from_text { for (@_ ? $_[0] : $_) { s/([\\"])/\\$1/g; return qq{"$_"}; } } sub html_from_text { for (@_ ? $_[0] : $_) { return encode_entities($_); } } my ($text_componentId, $text_componentType, $text_newTitle) = ...; my $js_component = js_from_text("override_$text_componentId"); my $js_componentId = js_from_text($text_componentId); my $js_componentType = js_from_text($text_componentType); my $js_newTitle = js_from_text($text_newTitle); my $js_onClick = "makeForm($js_componentId, $js_componentType, $ +js_newTitle);"; my $html_onClick = html_from_text($js_onClick); my $html_newTitle = html_from_text($text_newTitle); my $html = qq{<a href="#" onClick="javascript:$html_onClic +k">$html_newTitle</a>}; my $js_html = js_from_text($html); my $js_response = "\$($js_component).innerHTML = $js_html;"; print("$js_response\n");

There is a situation where hungarian notation is very useful. Making Wrong Code Look Wrong is a worthwhile read.

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