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I found two problems:

You're printing $_, but $r contains what you want to print.

You should uppercase the input (using uc()). Hash lookups are case-sensitive.

I also have two recommendations:

It would make more sense if if ($word eq 'q'){ appeared before the split.

Something's really odd with your foreach+grep. In fact, there's no need for a foreach at all. Get rid of the foreach loops and use just @result = grep {defined $_} @pay{@word}; (which simplifies to @result = grep defined, @pay{@word};). You'd be smart if you went and reread some examples using grep, and make sure you know what @hash{list} returns.

Now you just have to sum up the elements of @result with something like my $sum = 0; $sum += $_ foreach @result;.

You could even remove the grep, replace it with a for/foreach loop that does both the validation and the summing. In fact, that's probably a good idea.

Here's how I'd do it:

my %scores = ( map { $_ => 1 } qw( A E I L N O R S T U ), map { $_ => 2 } qw( B D G ), map { $_ => 3 } qw( C M P ), map { $_ => 4 } qw( F H V W Y ), map { $_ => 5 } qw( K ), map { $_ => 8 } qw( J X ), map { $_ => 10 } qw( Q Z ), ); print("Find the Scrabble value of a word.$/$/"); for (;;) { print("Enter a word (or just Enter to quit): "); local $_ = <STDIN>; last unless defined; chomp; last unless length; $_ = uc($_); my $sum = 0; $sum += $scores{$1} while (/([A-Z])/g); print("Scrabble value: $sum$/$/"); }

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