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Just because being treated rudely by someone on some web site, one will stop programming? That is too dramatic. The power of rudeness is being over-estimated, and yet the nerve of a normal human being has been under-estimated.
Let's not start making analogies. It's easy to associate two things, but we'll get muddled in the details of where they relate or not. For someone like me, I'm relaxed. If someone tries to write something, and it turns out to be dangerous, I would simply warn people and be factual about it. And if it was a good try in ernest, try to get them to learn a bit more than usual. If you look at some people's responses, you get some harsh responses. Example: "your code sucks." And it's not by some n00b. Having someone with some sorta sway in the community telling you your code isn't worht a damn, or "sucks", is very disheartening. I rememebr when learning to do something once in /my/ life, and though it doesn't particularly haunt me, I do remember, and have become self conscious about that something.

Then B.I. said, "Hov' remind yourself nobody built like you, you designed yourself"

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