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Moose Moose Moose,

Did you even read the OP??

Free speech means that people are free to question and malign other people's motives (even without a reasonable basis for doing so), but some of the things in this post just leaves me shaking my head.

If it's just a "flash card" thing, why are you so mysterious? ... I don't understand why you are concealing your aims. ... to generate some "flash card software" ... doesn't have very competent employees to do it.

Take a deep breath, inhale ... exhale ... now ... if by *mysterious* you mean the 'silly "this guy" reference' ... did it ever occur to you that the whole point of saying 'this guy' is there to *emphasize* the fact that this is just the musings and inquiry of some random joe-six-pack with no company, business plan, nor interest in rolling out a product whatsoever??? **News flash** there are *hobbyists* out there who are into these things for *individual non-commercial purposes* yes, shocking, but true.

Totally bogus. You're (I mean, "this guy is") just unwilling to read the source material and read up on ... varoius advanced areas of computer science ... (blah blah)

Ahh, I just love it when people make these *totally baseless* accusations. Do you know *anything* whatsoever about what I (or random guy) has read, written, contributed to in scholarly journals or produced in the marketplace?? Do you have the *first clue* of anything factual about this person's background, or what is on his bookshelf? Oy oy oy.

Do we really need to take things so seriously??

Also, a CS major should be familiar with the ;-) symbol as a statement of *humor* ... some people can't take a joke. Please, if you really want answers go back and read the OP and the rephrased question, and don't take everything so seriously (just a suggestion).

Quit being a "what can I pick up off the shelf" drone, buy some books, and start learning for a change

Now this one is the doozy. ... take a deep breath ... now ponder (seriously ponder) this statement. Let's interpret it in the light *least favorable* to the original poster.

Lets assume the WORST about the OP ...

  • The OP is a clueless and lazy con artist who plans on getting rich off of (stifled laughter) *flashcard software*
  • The OP plans on taking this *obvious* road to easy riches on the backs of unsuspecting perlmonks who will accidentally give away the secret (in easily understood condensed form).
  • The OP has never heard of Visual Basic, Word Processing software, GUI tools, Rent-a-Coder, Python, Java, or shrink-wrapped software, Usenet, CPAN, or the *oceans* of very cheap and freeware flashcard softwares already available on numerous platforms (available on the desktop, over the web, or as components) and consequently (out of complete ignorance) considers Perl programming advice from perlmonks to be the closest thing there is to "off the shelf" solutions.(!!!)
  • The cornerstone of the OPs evil plan is to extract sophisticated (and heretofore publicly unheard of) AI software written in perl that is not only *totally revolutionary*, but easy enough to cut and paste from perlmonks with little or no understanding of how it actually works.

Yes, assume all these unflattering things, and then ask yourself, is such a person going to get very far?? Is such a plan truly going to succeed?? If YES, then complaining about it wont stop them ... if NO, then the person is clueless, and therefore, harmless, and complaining about it is a waste of time.

The Bottom Line

Sure OP *might* be some sneaky super-evil stealer of top-secret AI technology selling highly lucrative "flashcard thingys"... OR he could be someone who

simply enjoys reading other people's insight and opinions

on interesting and open questions from the perspective of perl programmers ... who attempts for an engaging writing style that helps the chance that the question will even be read in the first place!!

Nahh ... it cant be *that* ... it just doesn't make sense! ;-)

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