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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
There are a lot of ways:

1) using system:
system("notepad.exe /p \"filename.txt\"");
Or with Win Me and NT4+ should be also:
system("print [/D:device] [[drive:][path]filename[...]]");
2) Using a method inspired by by Stephen Patterson:
$|=1; my $i=0; while (-e "$ENV{TEMP}\\printer-$i") { ++$i; } my $spoolfile = "$ENV{TEMP}\\printer-$i"; my $data="String to print"; $data.="\f"; open SPOOL, ">$spoolfile"; print SPOOL $data; close SPOOL; system("copy /B $spoolfile LPT1:"); unlink $spoolfile;
3) code from here :
open( LPT, "+>LPT1" ) or die "Can't access printer: $!"; print LPT "Text to print\n\f"; close (LPT);
4) code from Mike Solomon: (see also Article ID: Q154078 on MSDN)
#! perl -w use strict; use Win32::API; &print("foo"); sub print { my $text=$_[0]; my $PrintDialog = new Win32::API('comdlg32', 'PrintDlg', ['P'], 'N'); my $GlobalLock = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GlobalLock', ['N'], 'N'); my $GlobalFree = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GlobalFree', ['N'], 'N'); my $OpenPrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'OpenPrinter', ['P','P','P'], 'N'); my $StartDocPrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'StartDocPrinter', ['N','N','P'], 'N'); my $StartPagePrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'StartPagePrinter', ['N'], 'N'); my $WritePrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'WritePrinter', ['N','P','N','P'], 'N'); my $EndPagePrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'EndPagePrinter', ['N'], 'N'); my $EndDocPrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'EndDocPrinter', ['N'], 'N'); my $ClosePrinter = new Win32::API('winspool.drv', 'ClosePrinter', ['N'], 'N'); my $GetLastError = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'GetLastError', [], 'N'); my $FormatMessage = new Win32::API('kernel32', 'FormatMessage',['N','P','N','N','P','N','P'], 'N'); my $pd = pack("Lx16Lx42", 66, 0x10010C); unless ($PrintDialog->Call($pd)) { return 0; } my ($devmode) = unpack("x8L", $pd); # devmode is a handle to movable global memory my $handle = $devmode; # get actual memory pointer unless ($devmode = $GlobalLock->Call($handle)) {ShowError('GlobalLock')}; # get perl to use long integer as a pointer $devmode = unpack('P156', pack('L', $devmode)); # release the global memory unless ($GlobalFree->Call($handle) == 0) {ShowError('GlobalFree')} +; # these strings are blank padded my ($devicename) = unpack('A32', $devmode); $devicename .= "\0"; my $hprinter = pack('x4'); # RAW mode my $datatype = "RAW\0"; # devmode not passed in pdefaults # user selected paper/orientation/duplex have no effect in RAW mod +e # defaults set at printer will be used my $pdefaults = pack('px4L', $datatype, 0x8); # PRINTER_ACCESS_USE $OpenPrinter->Call($devicename, $hprinter, $pdefaults) or ShowError('OpenPrinter'); $hprinter = unpack('L', $hprinter); # name of document in print manager display # this won't be there very long unless the printer is off or busy with another job my $docname = "Win32::API print test\0"; my $docinfo = pack("px12", $docname); $StartDocPrinter->Call($hprinter, 1, $docinfo) or ShowError('StartDocPrinter'); $StartPagePrinter->Call($hprinter) or ShowError('StartPagePrinter' +); my $written = pack('x4'); $text .= "\f"; my $len = length $text; $WritePrinter->Call($hprinter, $text, $len, $written) or ShowError('WritePrinter'); # one canvas per sheet, next postscript would start new sheet $EndPagePrinter->Call($hprinter) or ShowError('EndPagePrinter'); $EndDocPrinter->Call($hprinter) or ShowError('EndDocPrinter'); $ClosePrinter->Call($hprinter); }
5) also this:
$file="foo.txt"; print `type $file > lpt1:`; print `echo "\f" > lpt1:`;
6) code from Indy Singh:
if (-e "$ENV{'WINDIR'}/System32/mshtml.dll") { $dll = "$ENV{'WINDIR'}/System32/mshtml.dll"; } else { $dll = "$ENV{'WINDIR'}/System/mshtml.dll"; } #note: can't use this to print multiple files system("rundll32.exe $dll,PrintHTML $outfile");

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